In this last step, we will go ahead and deploy our web site to the Netlify with the help of Sitelify.

  1. How to setup Sitecore JSS
  2. How to connect to Sitecore Instance
  3. How to build a functioning Sitecore JSS app
  4. How to deploy Sitecore JSS app to Sitecore
  5. How to deploy to your Sitecore JSS site to Netlify with Sitelify

What is Netlify?

Netlify is a service, that allows you to easily deploy and host your modern static websites and it is blazing fast. Deploy your site in 30 seconds.

  • Hosting Free
  • Continuous Deployment from Git
  • Serverless Functions

The first step lets go ahead and set up an account with Netlify, it is FREE, and create an access token.

Netlify Access Token
Save the token you will need later in the tutorial

What is Sitelify?

Sitelify brings your Sitecore sites built using Sitecore JavaScript Services (Sitecore JSS) to Netlify, quickly and easily.

To get more info about Sitelify, please visit the website directly:

You will need to acquire an Access Token in order to deploy the site to the Netlify. Request Access

Official Documentation >

The first step to do install Sitelify Manager

Sitecore Launchpad with Sitelify Manager

Next, we will open Altola.Sitelify.config that has been added to our App_Config


Please follow the official documentation, since this blog post, might not be updated with the latest documentation.

Once you generated the Netlify token and obtained a Sitelify Access Token, you can enter them in the config shows above, save the file, restart the instance.


After creating a new site and naming it JSS Blog on Sitelify, we need to create a Netlify site, where we will be deploying our JSS site.

Click on Create in order to create a Netlify site
Create a Netlify site with Sitelify

Next, we will Deploy the web site to Netlify.

Sitelify Manager
Deploy to Netlify with Sitelify
And literally after few seconds
Preview Sitecore JSS application with Sitelify after deployment
We can already preview the website in our browser.

Now let’s view the website from the Netlfiy.

Netlify Dashboard
As you can see the name of the application is the same, in Sitecore as well as in Netlify dashboard, all of this is possible with Sitelify.

Now you see your site on the web. You can visit either one of the links:

Sitecore JSS application build with React

Congratulations, you have completed your journey with Sitecore JSS!

You have a web site running on Netlify that was built with Sitecore JSS. Share your work and don’t forget to tweet about it, and add hashtag #sitecoreJSS

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