I have been exploring lately a lot about Content Hub, and today I would like to share with you, why you should consider using Content Hub with Sitecore JSS.

Will my life be easy with Content Hub?


Does Content Hub, have its own CDN?


Can I make it work with Sitecore JSS and have ever faster web site?


That is 3 Yes’s for me, so I think I will go ahead proceed with showing you a POC.

In order to get started fast with Sitecore JSS. You can use one of my JSS Starter Kits.

So next we need to make sure that Content Hub is installed.

We are interested in Sitecore Connect™ for Sitecore DAM


Once you install the package you should have the config called Stylelabs.config. Most of the configuration will be done on the Content Hub side.

Once everything is configured we can now go ahead and utilize it. You need to have an instance of Sitecore Content Hub running in production, it is a SaaS offering, so contact your Sitecore rep to get more info.

So load your site in the Experience Editor:

Select the image that you want to replace, and click on the little icon with 3 squares and a plus.

You will get a nice UI, where you will be able to load your assets, you will search and find the image that you want.

Once cool thing that I like a lot about the Content Hub, is that you can select and image and generate multiple versions of the same image, and then insert them anywhere you want, set the expiration date.

Select the image and it will automatically be inserter into your site.

Sitecore JSS and Content Hub

Save it and publish it, and if you have a CDN already for your site, now you can two CDNs, one separate one from Content Hub to serve your images.

Important note I did not use Photoshop to crop the image to a specific size.

As you can see below performance of the Lighthouse score went from 75 to 98.

75 was the score when the images were served by Sitecore.

98 was the score when the images were served from Content Hub CDN.

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