I hope you had a pleasant time in the first tutorial. How to Setup Sitecore JSS.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to Connect our app built with Sitecore JSS to our Sitecore Instance

  1. How to setup Sitecore JSS
  2. How to connect to Sitecore Instance
  3. How to build a functioning Sitecore JSS app
  4. How to deploy Sitecore JSS app to Sitecore
  5. How to deploy to your Sitecore JSS site to Netlify with Sitelify

Now since we have setup our sample application, and created a configuration we can continue.

Let’s go ahead and deploy the configuration file to Sitecore.

jss deploy config
How to Connect to Sitecore Instance
Sitecore JSS deploying configuration
Deployed successfully

Now let’s deploy the app to Sitecore. More information about Sitecore JSS CLI

jss deploy app -c -d
JSS app build artifacts
You should receive a success message at the end

Let’s navigate to Content Editor and view our items in the Content Tree

Sitecore JSS app deployed to Sitecore Content Tree
Since my application is called “cv”, this is what I see in my Content Tree

At this time we should have learned the following:

  1. How to setup Sitecore Instance
  2. How to install Sitecore JSS
  3. How to generate and Deploy Configuration to Sitecore Instance
  4. How to deploy our sample application to Sitecore instance

In the next tutorial, we will start developing our application

If you found this post useful please share it. You can always comment on this post, or reach out to Sitecore Slack, or Twitter, or post a question Sitecore Stack Exchange.

Let’s move on to the next step How to build a functioning website with Sitecore JSS

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