Open your Experience Editor. Right click on the desired folder and Insert > New Template


Provide a name for your Template, click Next and then Next and then Close


And finally you should see something similar to this:


Now on the right side you build out the structure of the Sitecore Template.


You can have multiple sections, multiple names and type according to the design requirements.

When you build and Item in the Content tree based on this Template you will see something similar to this:


Enjoy!!! If you have any question do not hesitate to comment and ask questions!

2 thoughts on “How to create a Sitecore Template?

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for this article on how to create a template in Sitecore. It is really helpful. Please help me on how to created floated cta button(sticky buttons) and adding of the slider in pages to show to the product in slider in Sitecore


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