If you have built something that you would like to share with the whole team, so everyone can install it on their own instances of Sitecore. This simple tutorial will help you do that.

First obviously login into your Sitecore Instance, and click on Desktop and start up Package Designer from the Development Tools

Sitecore > Login > Desktop > Development Tools > Package Designer


Next Window you will see is the Package Designer, so you will need to fill out the Metadata fields and select sources:


After everything is filled out you will go ahead and select Sources, by clicking on Items Statically.


Select your files that you want to be included in the actual package. In the screenshot below you can that I have included content item:


Click Next specify source name that will be the name of the package and will appear on the left under sources, and just click Next and then Close.

After you are done with everything you will be back to the Window that we have started at, and you will click Generate Zip.


Click Next and you will see the window that will have a download button:


Just click the world button with green arrow and share it with the world.

Hope you enjoyed this! Do not hesitate to ask questions.

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